Vegas Sings About His Spiritual Journey On I’m All That & More

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International recording artiste Mr Vegas is set to stir up a lot of interest with his new single titled All That & More. The song which is the first official single off his soon to be released Gospel album, Soul Therapy, takes a look at the veteran dancehall star’s journey to Christianity.

All That & More begins with Vegas singing, “There was a time in my life I was so defeated without a fight. My spirit was broken, good Lord day and night. But when I started believing in you Lord you showed me the light. You say that I’m all that, all that, all that, all that and more. You say that I’m all that, all that, all that, all that and more.”

Digging deep into his vocal abilities Vegas delves even further into the experiences which lead to him embracing the Christian faith as he sings, “I spent all my dough in the bank but I feel rich with this joy that I have. I lost a few a friends that I had they gave up on me when things were so bad. But Lord if they only knew there’s no other friend like you. You lifted me up and start me a new it shows in the things that you do.”

Vegas said he’s confident that his fans will respond positively To All That & More.

“I believe my new single will be well received, it has a very strong message that many people can relate to.”

He also added, “Since I’ve found Christ I’m in a better place and I’m happy that I am using my voice to glorify his wondrous works. God’s name is worthy to be praised,” said Mr Vegas.

All That & More was produced and released on the MV Music label. The rhythm of the song was created by Dutch musician Rowen Reecks.

A video for all that and more is slated to be released before the end of January. Vegas’ first full-length Gospel project Soul Therapy will be released in February.

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