Aidonia's Camp Issues Statement Regarding Rolexx Alleged Assault

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Following the Friday, May 5, 2017 airing of the weekly entertainment based programme ‘Entertainment Report’ on Television Jamaica where sound system selector ‘Rolexx’ alleged he was assaulted by a group of men said to be aligned to the 4th Generation music imprint. The management of the recording label has refuted the claim while distancing itself from said allegations.

In a statement to the media the label wrote,

“The management of 4th Genna Music would like to advise the public that the claims being purported by selector Rolexx that he was assaulted by members of our camp at a recent event in Kingston are false, malicious and a mendacious attempt aimed at sullying the label’s reputation. We DO NOT condone any acts of violence against any individual or group regardless of their musical preference."

Lastly, we would like to appeal to fans of Aidonia and ALL artistes within the fraternity to refrain from engaging in any acts of violence against anyone, be it physical or otherwise. Music is an art form meant to educate and entertainment and should be treated as such.

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